What I am doing here.

Hello all, My handle is Antinumeric and I’m planning on making a game with a friend of mine- Tiny Angry Crab. After much deliberations and several false starts we have settled on the UE4 engine to build our game in. However having no experience with UE4 there is a great deal to know first and precious little documentation. So this step can be a little tricky.

I’ve found that I learn best when I work out how to do something and then explain it to someone else, so this blog serves as a platform to do so. In the following posts I shall be uploading tutorials I’ve written describing how to do things such as – set up the main character, how the actor controller system works, how the AI trees work, movement, blueprints and almost certainly more.

I’m doing this for myself but hopefully it’ll be helpful to anyone trying to learn UE4.



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